The guild is a students body at MUST and all registered students(certificate, diploma, bachelors and masters students) are members.  The guild is headed by the guild presidents and his cabinet that operate under a constitution which gives them one term of office elapsing after one year.


The Guild President.

Is the executive head of the Guild,  Presides over executive meetings of the Guild, is a co-signatory to all Guild financial transactions, is one of the students  representatives on all organs of the University administration e.g. the University Council,  has powers to call emergency meetings,  appoints and can as well reshuffle the executive cabinet.

The Vice President.

deputizes the president in his/her absence, is a students’ representative on various Guild committees, is the C/P of the disciplinary committee, he/she sits on the University senate as a students’ representative.

The General secretary

Acts as secretary to the General Assembly and GRC,  keeps registers and is responsible for all Guild Property, is also in charge of all Guild employed Staff.

The Assistant General Secretary

Serves as the Secretary to the executive, deputizes the General Secretary and act in his/her absence, performs any duty assigned to him/her by the President.

Minister for Education.

Is the head of professional affairs committee, acts as a link between the Academic registrar’s office, head of Departments  and the student’s body, registers  all professional/ academic organizations affiliated to the Guild, is the Guild representative to the professional organizations and co-ordinates all matters pertaining to the professional clubs, associations in the University.

Minister for Social Affairs

He/she organizes all entertainment in co-ordination with the executive members, registers and co-ordinates activities of all clubs, associations and societies that do not fall under professional clubs and issues them a certificate.

Minister for Finance

He/she Looks after financial Interest of the Guild, is a co-signatory to all Guild financial transactions, takes initiative to fundraise funds for the Guild and is also a member of the professional affairs committee.

Minister for Campus Affairs

He/she is the Chairperson of students’ welfare committee, is responsible for the day to day operation of the student’s rights and facilities on campus, contacts the University Administration from time to time for the student’s welfare, a member of students/staff consultative committee, liaises with the administration on security affairs and other related matters on campus.

Minister for Health.

He/she is responsible for the day to day monitoring of the medical facilities for students community, liaises with the University clinic and administration on health matters generally, report s and deals with causality cases among the students’ community.

Minister for Information and Publicity.

He/she is the chairperson of the committee for Information and Publicity and editorial Board, is responsible for the production of all Guild publications and is also in charge of Guild communication systems.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Relations.

He/she makes contacts with other students organizations and the public outside campus for the benefit of the Guild, is responsible for foreign policies/relations or affairs of the Guild.

Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

He/she is responsible for constitutional interpretation and justice of the students, is a member of the Guild disciplinary committee, preserves the dignity of the university motto, flag and anthem.

Minister for Production.

He/she is in charge and keeps record of production facilities and equipments, liaises with the Guild executive and GRC on the marketing of products.

Minister for Women Affairs.

she is the chairperson of committee for women affairs, is concerned with all matters pertaining to women affairs, co-ordinates various women activities in the university.

The Guild Speaker

He/she calls for GRC and GA in  consultation with the Guild president, presides over the GRC and GA meetings, is the  other  students’ representative on the university council, he/she is the returning officer and c/p of the Guild electoral commission.

The Deputy Speaker.

He/she acts as speaker in the absence of the full speaker, presides over the Guild GA and GRC meetings in the speaker’s absence.

The Financial Advisor.

There exists the financial advisor to the Guild, who is always a senior university staff from the accounts department, is anon- voting member of the finance committee, he/she also serves as advisor to the Guild on financial matters.

The legal Advisor.

The legal advisor to the Guild, advises the Guild on legal matters, is a member of the election petition tribunal, is anon- voting member of the Guild disciplinary committee and he/she is chosen from a amongst members of the academic staff who has good experience in civil and legal affairs.