Kashanyaranzi is one of the regions that contain both must students and other citizens.This kashanyaranzi was named after a substation of Uganda electricity distribution company (UEDC) that is located in the interesting place.

Must students contribute 90% of the residents of this place.this is due to the fact that it is blessed with good accommodation climate since it boarders with river rwizi one of the geographical features that we have in Mbarara.

Students from kashanyaranzi most of them like attending church services since it boarders with university baptist church (UBC) and corpus Christie church.

The standards of living of kashanyaranzi students is a bit high in terms of fee for hostels however, there some hostels where the fee depends on someones bargaining skills.also in terms of meals, its one the regions that must students know to be selling at a lower price .however there students who go ahead to consume some meals that bare measurable basing on ones income .this kind of meal is always on high demand especially during evening hours because students never wish to be noticed while purchasing it.

Kashanyaranzi is gifted with many leaders including the Guild representative counsel lors(GRC’S) and other Guild-representative candidates however most of the guild presidential candidates have never been successful.however this does not make kashanyaranzi a place of political losers but a place of potential students.

In a nutshell therefore, kashanyaranzi is a prominent place that is known around the whole of Mbarara district and students find it as one of the most interesting region to stay in for the rest of their time at university.


BSAF.II. 2014.

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