I wish to welcome you to this thrilling edition of our 2015-2016 guild magazine.

First of all, allow me to thank ALTRECX GROUP for coming up with idea of funding the guild magazine and having worked tirelessly in all necessary activities towards publication of this magazine, and it should be remembered that, had it not been altrecx group, my office would have achieved little  Compared to this.

I can’t thank enough the university management and the stake holders for your unfailing support in all aspects. Also thank the students’ body for actively participating in the production of this magazine as far as writing articles is concerned.

On special note, I want to salute the entire executive body and students’ representatives in the guild council for working tirelessly and endlessly as you guide me towards the production of this edition of students’ magazine.

This magazine is loaded with a lot of educative facts about the university of science and technology in east Africa and has recorded information for you to get inspired – I play that it comes as a delight and good food for thought to us all. Such magazine keeps the students, stakeholders informed and in turn express their views by contributing articles.

Finally, I thank the almighty God who brought us this far – for he doesn’t call the qualified but he qualified those who he calls. May he continue to shine this light upon us from day to day.




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