Must sg Constitution                       must empowered 2015/2016



The students/ staff consultative committee will consist of joint student/ staff consultative committee composed of the members of the Guild and University staff.

  1. They will hold consultative committee meetings on all matters and measures affecting the students.
  2. By virtue of his position, the Vice–chancellor shall be given copies of the proceedings of the committee if he is not a member.
  • Members to represent the Guild shall be elected by the executive
  1. Meeting shall be held at the request of the University, SCC, its chairperson or the Guild President.

ARTICLE 14:                       MEETINGS

Section I:        Convening of Meetings

  1. Meetings of the GRC shall be open to all full members of the Guild unless the GRC decides otherwise.
  2. All meetings of GRC shall be convened by the speaker in consultation with the Guild President except when a vote of no confidence in the speaker is being carried when the president presides over.
  • The speaker shall be responsible for convening for students’ Guild general meetings and meetings to debate a motion of no confidence in the executive as in Article 10 section III
  1. Standing committee meetings will be convened by the respective chairpersons.
  2. All meetings of the Guild shall normally be held after working hours.

Section II:       Frequency and notice of Meetings

  1. All notices of the Guild meetings shall be dated.
  2. The executive and committees shall meet as often as necessary but not less than three (3) times during an Academic semester.
  • Any other students’ Guild meeting will be held only when necessary save for emergency meetings that can be held at appropriate moments.
  1. The Executive members shall be given at least three (3) days’ notice for ordinary meetings and six (6) hours’ notice for emergency meetings.
  2. For Students’ Guild general members shall be given:
  3. At least five (5) days’ notice for ordinary meetings.
  4. Twenty four (24) hours’ notice for emergency meeting.
  5. GRC meetings shall be given at least:
  6. Four (4) days’ notice for ordinary meetings.
  7. Twenty four (24) hours’ notice for emergency meetings.

Section III: Presiding at Meeting

  1. The speaker shall preside at subsequent students’ Guild general meetings and motion of no confidence in executive as provided for in this constitution.
  2. In absence of the speaker and the deputy speaker, the members present and forming quorum shall elect an acting speaker from among themselves to preside over the students Guild meetings.
  • The election of the Acting Speaker in (ii) above will be supervised by the prime minister.
  1. The President shall preside over Executive meetings.
  2. The Speaker shall preside over GRC meetings.