Must sg Constitution                            must empowered 2015/2016



Section I:  General Procedures

  1. All Guild elections shall be by Electronic Voting on simple majority system on the basis of the one member one vote.
  2. Whenever, there is a tie on any of Guild elections, it shall be repeated until a candidate obtains a simple majority.
  • A student who has been convicted by court of law of an offense involving more turpitude will be eligible for nomination to Guild offices.
  1. Elections of the Guild president and the GRC members shall take place during the 9th – 12th week of the 2nd academic semester.

Section II:  Electoral Rules and Regulations

  1. There shall be a returning officer who shall be the outgoing speaker. In a situation where there is no outgoing speaker, a returning officer shall be elected from and by the GRC, fifteen (15) days prior to presidential elections.
  1. There shall be an electoral commission consisting of the returning officer who shall be the Chairperson and two (2) Representatives selected from each constituency by member’s residing in the constituency.
  2. b) The electoral commission shall;
  3. Organize and oversee the whole process of the Guild election
  4. Count votes, and publish the results of the elections
  • Be responsible for resolving problems during elections and its ruling shall be final
  1. The electoral commission in consultation with the outgoing President shall
  1. Announce nomination day of candidates
  2. Call upon constituencies to give the names of the elected GRC representatives
  3. This arrangement will operate until such a time when Halls or Kihumuro Campus are in existence
  4. When halls are instituted, the GRC will meet and devise the new mode of representation
  1. The nominations of candidates for presidential elections signed by the candidates, proposer and seconder shall be submitted in writing to the Electoral commission on nomination day
  2. A campaign program will be drawn after the nomination day and every candidate in co-operation with other Guild members shall abide by it
  • During campaigns and polling exercise:
  1. A candidate or his/her supporters who shall be accused with irrefutable evidence of instigating any form of violence during the electoral exercise will be disqualified forthwith
  2. No campaigns will take place beyond the time set by electoral commission
  3. No campaigns will be allowed on polling day
  4. Wardens shall be required to compile and produce nominal rolls
  5. Constituency secretaries shall be polling officers who shall supervise the polling process which must observe strict silence and order in each polling station. The Electoral commissioner will do the overall monitoring.
  6. One day before polling day, there shall be an open air campaign where each candidate shall have an opportunity to address students and the details of that meeting shall be communicated in due time.
  7. Each voter shall have proper and valid identifications before poling, any voter with wrong or invalid identification will be expelled from the voting exercise.
  8. On Identification, a computer technician shall design one ballot paper for the voter, sign against his/her name in the nominal roll and tick against the name of one candidate of his/her choice.
  9. Each ballot paper in the computer shall bear a serial number.
  10. The voting exercise shall not go beyond time set by Electoral commission.
  11. At each station, the computers used for voting exercise will be openly displayed and not placed more than three (3) meters from the polling desk.
  12. The counting of votes shall start soon after the time set by the electoral commission. The Exercise will be conducted by the polling assistants (at each station) who will be the constituency secretaries, supervised by the representatives of Electoral commission.
  13. Each candidate shall send at most two representatives to each polling station. A candidate will make known and register with the Returning Officer all agents at least one day to the polling day.
  14. The electoral commission shall announce and cause to be published the results not more than one (1) hour after receiving results from the polling station.
  15. No relevant documents and voting material shall be destroyed but shall be kept for subsequent scrutiny until the swearing in ceremony is over.