Membership Guide


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Full membership

This for all duly registered students with the University and the Guild

Rights of full members

A right to:-

  • Fully participate in the proceedings of the General Assembly.
  • Elect and be elected to any office of the Guild as provided for in article 9 save for members of the University Staff.
  • Be elected, nominated or appointed to be a delegate or representative of the Guild in any of the Guild undertakings.

Associate members

All Alumni of the University are associate members of the Guild.

Honorary members

This may be a person who is neither an associate nor full member may be elected by the Guild Representative Council as honorary member of the Guild.

Life members

Any associate member who pays subscription fees as prescribed by the Guild shall be a life member.

Rights of Associate, Honorary and Life members

The right to make use of the facilities of the Guild in the manner prescribed by the Guild Executive and the Guild Representative Council

Obligations of all members

Every member has to:

  • Preserve the dignity of the University Anthem, Motto and Flag.
  • Abide by the letter and spirit of the Guild Constitution.
  • Abide by the University rules and regulations.
  • Associate and Honorary members may be called upon to support and assist the Guild.


If you are still interested in joining the Students Guild Executive and Guild Representative Council you are duly welcome.