Welcome to the Students Guild Page


The Students Guild (SG) is a student’s body that links the students to the administration its sole purpose is to promote and protect the interests and rights of all its members.

The Students Guild and its members are here to make your stay worthwhile in the university.

The SG will always be there for you when:

  • Adjusting to the local culture of the students
  • Feeling home sick and unsettled in the university
  • Making your way through the campus
  • Abiding by the rules and regulations
  • Helping with your safety while in the university


The MUST Students Guild office is located at the Town Campus Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

The aims of the Guild is to:

  1. Establish a vibrant a students’ organization and Government.
  2. Cultivate values among its members and to train and prepare them for future service in the community.
  3. Work with the University Administration in all matters affecting the Guild members and to promote matters of interest to the University.
  4. Represent the Guild on the organs of the University Administration.
  5. Work in co-operation with other students’ organizations and to establish friendly relations and understanding with other external organizations when, where and while desirable provided always that such co-operation is not detrimental to the University and the country.
  6. Negotiate with Government or other bodies, through the University Administration on matters affecting the Guild and /or its members
  7. Represent the Guild at National and International level.

The  Students Guild is made up of the following organs:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Guild Executive
  • The Guild Representative Council & The MUST Forum


Interested in being a member? Well you are already a member!

All students of MUST including the local and international students are members of the students’ guild.

Please follow our membership guide to discover how you may be involved.