Must sg Constitution                       must empowered 2015/2016

Section II: Rights of Associate, Honorary and Life members

Every Associate, Honorary or life member shall have the right to make use of the facilities of the Guild with the consent of the Guild Executive and the GRC.

Section III:     Obligation of all members

Every member shall abide by the letter and spirit of the Guild Constitution.

Section IV: Obligation of Associate, Honorary

Any associate, honorary and/or life members may be called upon to assist in any way possible.


Section I: The Executive

Shall be composed of:-

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  • Prime Minister
  1. Deputy Prime Minister
  2. Minister of Education
  3. Minister of Social Affairs
  • Minister of Off – Campus Affairs
  • Minister of Finance
  1. Minister Of Campus Affairs
  2. Minister Of Health
  3. Minister Of Information And Publicity
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs and Public Relations
  • Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
  • Minister of production
  1. Minister of women Affairs
  • Minister mess Affairs

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